Lemon oil, derived from the outer peel of the lemon, is sometimes referred to as “Liquid Sunshine” due to its numerous skin care benefits and ability to return the vibrant luster to dull boring skin. Here are 6 ways you can naturally maintain good skin health and flaunt a more beautiful Summer glow with lemon oil this Summer:

Clear Skin

Lemon oil helps to clear acne breakouts and other unsightly blemishes by eliminating both internal and external factors. Lemon oil is effective in helping to balance hormones, reduce stress and regulate the production of oil. Lemon oil balances overactive sebaceous glands keeping your skin from becoming too oily and as a result, reducing breakouts. Lemon oil also deeply exfoliates and prompts the regeneration of new skin cells.

Improves Elasticity

Lemon oil is an astringent and naturally tightens saggy skin. This remarkable essential oil can greatly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Lemon oil is rich in Vitamin C, which helps collagen production. This increased collagen production improves your skin’s elasticity making your skin look tighter and younger. The use of lemon oil is an effective way to naturally reduce the signs of premature aging skin. Lemon oil is also often used an ingredient in cellulite creams because it can effectively tone and help reduce cellulite.

Moisturizes and Replenishes

Lemon oil isn’t only beneficial for excessively oily skin, but can also deep moisturize uncomfortable dry skin. Lemon oil not only leaves your skin feeling soft and subtle when hydrating and replenishing, but also leaves you feeling pleasantly refreshed.

Nourishes Damaged Skin

Lemon oil is a natural antiseptic and naturally heals wounds. Diminish the appearance of impurities such as acne blemishes and razor nicks and help mend them faster with lemon essential oil. Long term use of lemon oil can even soften scar tissue.

Smooths Skin

Summer is all about flip flops and sandals for most people and unfortunately, rough dry feet can sometimes become the result. Work boots are often the cause of calluses and rough, dry cracked heels as well. Keep your feet moisturized and smooth with lemon oil. Lemon oil can reduce the rough uncomfortable texture of your sore feet and give your skin a more smooth and moisturized feel that you can wear with confidence and comfort.

Lightens Complexion

Lemon oil is your best friend when it comes to maintaining a beautiful complexion. This essential oil prevents and reduces the appearance of sunspots and effectively balances your skin’s pigmentation.

Lemon oil is the perfect natural remedy for rejuvenating your skin and bringing back its natural glowing luster. The lemon scent has been utilized worldwide for years in numerous skin care products and home cleaning supplies such as Pledge and Pine-Sol due to its strong invigorating and refreshing smell that’s long been associated with cleanliness and well being. With advanced technology today, aromatherapy shower heads, such as Aroma Sense, are now available that include essential oil Vitamin C shower filters so you can enjoy all of the health benefits of clean, filtered water as well as renewing Vitamin C and all of the health benefits of lemon oil right in your very own shower! What a rejuvenating experience!