Aromatherapy is the act of using fragrances and aromas to distress, ease pain, relieve tension, and health spirit, mind, and body. There are many fragrances that are used and there are many different ailments that can be helped through aromatherapy. Additionally, there are many places in your daily life that can utilize aromatherapy. Here are 7 valuable suggestions on where you can utilize aromatherapy in your daily living.

  1. Bathroom
    Shower oils, soaps, bath salts, and fragrance infused aromatherapy shower systems are becoming very popular throughout the United States.
  2. Kitchen
    While you often want to smell the fragrance of what you are cooking, certain tasks done in the kitchen are not very fun and having some nicely scented candles burning or some incense can help make those tasks more enjoyable.
  3. Living room
    Visit with friends and family and keep the atmosphere calm and relaxed with a nice air freshener or bowl of potpourri and make it easier to enjoy the company without the drama and stress of a big get together.
  4. Bedroom
    Millions of Americans struggle to sleep well at night and a simple act like burning some candles before bed or using another aromatherapy session before bed can go a long way in helping the mind and body relax and prepare for sleep.
  5. Garage
    The garage is usually not the best smelling place to be nor is it the most relaxing place to be when work needs to be done, but that is quickly changed when you add in some refreshing and energizing aromas to the mix.
  6. Car
    Few people think about using aromatherapy in the car but when you consider the fact that nowadays people spend almost a third of their lives in their vehicles, it make sense to consider this as a viable aromatherapy place.
  7. Office
    The average worker can spend almost half his or her life at work, and everyone know the stress that work can bring, and some aromatherapy ideas can work well for the office of cubicle and can make that desk job less stressful.