Seated at the doorstep of Mission Bay in San Diego, the Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa could be the paradise you’ve always imagined. Along with a gorgeous coastline view of the bay, impeccable sunsets on the daily, you’ll find yourself immersed in striking gardens featuring over a thousand types of exotic plants, trees, and birds. If you find yourself able to leave the sunny haven, there is a multitude of local attractions that are guaranteed to captivate and leave you thirsting for more, whether it be the wild animals at the San Diego Zoo or authentic Mexican cuisines at historic Old Town.

What better way to wind down the sweaty and adventurous schedule with a visit to Catamaran Spa? As the only beachfront spa in San Diego, you can slip into this tranquil delight to soothe that aching body from those exhilarating surfing lessons or kayaking adventures. And the best part? The Catamaran Spa is equipped with Aroma Sense vitamin C shower heads. You can you receive your therapeutic treatment with the sun drenched shores of Mission Bay all while enriching your skin and hair with a splash of vitamin C. Combine this while deeply breathing the emanating aromatherapy from our scented shower heads and experience the fun in the sun the Aroma Sense way.

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