How Aroma Sense Works

Aroma Sense Diagram
Aroma Sense Diagram
Water Treatment Icon

1. Water Treatment

Treatment center mixes coagulants with water to make small particles stick together and then uses sedimentation & filtration to separate the polluted substances.

Vitamin C Icon

2. Vitamin C Cartridge

Water surges through your Aroma Sense shower head. Upon contact, the vitamin C (ascorbic acid) reacts with chlorine to form a safer compound that won’t dry out your hair and skin. Natural aroma oils are also released into the water.

Healthy Hair & Skin
Chlorine Neutralization
Vitamin C Cartridges
Ceramic Beads Icon

3. Ceramic Beads

The ceramic antibacterial beads filter helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

microfiber filter
Antibacterial Properties
Bowls of Ceramic Beads
Microfiber Filter Icon

4. Microfiber Filter Filtration

The water passes through the microfiber filter where large particles and pipe contaminants are filtered out.

Ceramic Beads Icon

5. Clean High Pressure Water

Innovative triangular spray plate hole design boosts water pressure by 50% and generates extra negative ions for mental clarity and well-being. Final shower water is filtered and purified.

Bowls of Ceramic Beads

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